Bryson Adventures - Price Quote and Bookings

There are many variables in price quotations and most often, the generic itineraries in the website eventually are modified in some way to suit each clients needs. The procedure is as follows:

  1. You make an inquiry via our online contact form, email or telephone.
  2. We propose an itinerary and a price quote.
  3. As many variations as neccessary are made until the perfect itinerary is reached and at an acceptable price.
  4. Prior to going to contract we run a comprehensive availabiltiy check on all acommodations & request provisional bookings.
  5. If all accommodations are available, you are sent a final contract/itinerary for signing and your deposit is due (see Terms & Conditions). If availability is not possible at some of your desired locations, we seek out altnerate options prior to going to contract.
  6. Once you sign and return your contract, our office in Moshi submits booking vouchers and makes necessary deposits to all the accommodations to finalize the bookings.
  7. Signed and stamped booking vouchers are scanned and emailed to you as confirmation of your bookings.

To start the process, click on either the forward or backward arrow below to contact us.