Bryson Adventures - Serengeti National Park

Bryson Adventures Serengeti National ParkUnless your stay in Tanzania is very short, the Serengeti is a must see experience. The park has rightfully earned it's reputation as the most famous safari destination in the world. The name Serengeti means "endless plain" in the Maasai language and certainly lives up to it's name. The sheer number of animals make this a memorable experience. Each year, one of nature's truly great events occurs, the great migration. Up to two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle make their trek across the Serengeti watched closely by preditors stalking the weak, injured or exhausted. You have seen the pictures and videos, now come experience it in person. The migration is a year long, ongoing event; making a circular path from the Southern Serengeti and Western Ngorongoro up to the north and into the Maasai Mara for a short stay before returning back south again. The timing of the location where the herds will be varies according to the grazing conditions. In any case, the Serengeti is a park that is great to visit any time of the year.